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Interview questions – revised

What sorority/fraternity were you/are you associated with?

At what school were you apart of greek life?

What made you decide to rush a sorority/fraternity?

What year did you rush/pledge?

Did you experience hazing? If yes, elaborate as much as possible.  If no, have you heard of any hazing rituals done in the past?

What helped you through getting hazed?

Do you feel the hazing was beneficial in the long run?

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final project (revised)

Seven Students Pledging a Fraternity are Burned

Hazing is a very prominent issue in college fraternities. This article says that at a small college in New Hampshire seven students were burned during hazing. The students were Branded during this ritual and the branding was down with a long object right above the chest of the boys who wanted to become part of the fraternity. In New Hampshire Hazing is not legal and people involved could face misdemeanor charges if the hazing is not reported. As a result of this, fraternity activities were suspended on campus.

Zezima, Katie. “7 Students Pledging a Fraternity Are burned.” The New York Times. N.p., 21/11/2008. Web. 10 May 2010. <>.

My sorority Pledge? I swore off Sisterhood

In this article a women in her forties describes her life a a sorority girl in college. She does not talk about very fondly, she says that while in the sorority she did not act the way that she wanted to act but more the way that she was expected to act according to her sorority sisters. She goes on to say how she hurt a friend of hers to try to fit in and that all the sorority was about was treating people badly, drinking alcohol and having sex. Twenty years later shes out with her children and she runs into a women who was in her sorority with her, and ultimately hurt her so much that she sore off sisterhood, she says that the rituals of the greek system stole her innocence and triggered demons of shame which still haunt her

Valen, Kelly. “My Sorority Pledge? I Swore Off Sisterhood.” The New York Times. N.p., 02/12/2007. Web. 10 May 2010. <>.

Brotherly Bonds Fail to Sway Appeals Court

This article is about a group of boys trying to become a Fraternity at the College of Staten Island part of the CUNY system. The college refused to allow this on campus because off of the member were male. The member were not happy with the response from the college and they took their case to the Federal District Court in brooklyn  first and the judge said that fraternities were a weak form of social association and they are subject to the nondiscriminatory policies at the college. the appealed the decision of the first judge and they said that the fraternity continues to exist unofficially and they are not recognized as a part of the greek system. However they view themselves as a true fraternity and they claim that women are allowed at events the fraternity hosts even though women cannot be members. The president of the fraternity says that “all the male nature of the fraternity was essential in helping to meet the social emotional and cultural needs of its members.”

feuer, alan. “Brotherly Bonds Fail to Sway Appeals Court.” The New York Times. N.p., 04/09/2007. Web. 10 May 2010. <>.

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final project


We are hoping that we are able to get our hands on some visuals of this past years pledge class during their pledging sessions.  It may be a hard task because the pledging time has already past and the newcomers have been initiated, so we’ve been told. I (Rachel) can always use pictures from when I was pledging although they are not very recent and my pledging was cut short due to hazing rituals being reported to my sororities national advisors.  If the first-hand visualizations do not surface than we will make due and use visualizations from the web as well as legal footage because we have stumbled across videos/photographs used to dictate to sororities and fraternities the harms and legal mattes of hazing.  Besides gathering photos of hazing rituals we also are gathering recent photos of sorority and fraternity events (non-hazing) showing greek life is about and what they do on campus and off campus and how they contribute.

Ethical Considerations:

We will need to get consent from all members/those photographed in the photos we hopefully will be able to use.  This shouldn’t be such a hard task considering the relationships we have with both the fraternity (Halie’s brothers) and the sorority (Rachel is a former member of).  We also have to worry about privacy issues if anyone in the photo’s object we will either have to blur/cut them out or remove the picture entirely.  Besides that we have consent from members of both organizations to interview them and use the information they give us which will be very helpful.</p>

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Pictures for final project

theses two pictures are showing what ato meant to these boys and it is kind of like an inside look into the lives of frat boys . in the fist one you can see that the boy, my brothers friend, is wearing his ato shirt out to a party, he is pround to be part of the frat.

In the picture under it, the boys are out at a football game and they are standing under there frat flag telling everybody that they are in the frat and they are proud to be.

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ethical considerations

For our project an ethical consideration we have encountered is getting consent from the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega and the sisters of Alpha Phi and their rituals from the pledging process.  Also known as the hazing process.  Although I am a first hand source of experience being hazed I am not the best person to be interviewed because I am after all the one researching this project.  I can however feed insights into the what the pledgers are feeling during the process.  Also a hard thing to do will be finding pictures during the hazing process from Alpha Tau Omega and from Alpha Phi because the pledging process is considered extremely sacred and secretive and only meant for other brothers/sisters to know.

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Final Project

I’ve decided to partner with Rachel to work on our final project.  She had a very interesting idea to explore the greek world.  Although I have no greek life experience I have always pondered the initiation process and since she has experienced it I think would make a good match in our research process.  We have decided to go back and research the history and origin of fraternities and sororities and where it all began.  We are also going to attempt to find out how hazing was brough into the recruitment process.  There are many things in sororities that people don’t understand the reasoning behind and we want to explore the reasonings for the abnormal rituals performed, especially on the incoming “pledge class”.

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