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Final Project

I’ve decided to partner with Rachel to work on our final project.  She had a very interesting idea to explore the greek world.  Although I have no greek life experience I have always pondered the initiation process and since she has experienced it I think would make a good match in our research process.  We have decided to go back and research the history and origin of fraternities and sororities and where it all began.  We are also going to attempt to find out how hazing was brough into the recruitment process.  There are many things in sororities that people don’t understand the reasoning behind and we want to explore the reasonings for the abnormal rituals performed, especially on the incoming “pledge class”.

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Getting to know your eyes.

I took this picture form a hotel window in Philadelphia, it is a church. I thought that it was a beautiful structure and had alot of detail that sometimes you can only see in older buildings. I also thought that the way that the snow fell on the roof was very telltale of the winter that we were having. If it were any other time of year this would have been a totally different picture. I feel that you can feel the cold winter coming through this picture.

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Hi, im Halie, I am a senior and my major is sociology. I am also a licensed optician, and I run my family’s eyeglass store.

I chose this picture to represent me, because this is just a small sample of the glasses and sunglasses I have. It also really describes what I do everyday, I love helping people pick out glasses and I think its really great when they get a pair that they love as much as I love mine.

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